The Department of Economics strives to

■  train outstanding economists who are equipped with a combination of expert knowledge and cross-disciplinary skills;

■  provide a curriculum focused on basic training in the field of economics;

■  offer students real-world experience and opportunities to apply theory;

■  produce professionals who possess foreign language and IT skills to satisfy the latest trends and the needs of the nation.


  A curriculum that places equal weight on theory and practice.

■  An emphasis on foreign language and IT skills.

■  Up-to-date teaching materials that reflect the needs of contemporary society.

■  Resource-sharing between the undergraduate and graduate programs.

■  Scholarships available to outstanding students and students from disadvantaged households.

■  EYON International Currency Lab allows students the chance to practice simulated foreign currency exchange, and annual competitions help students develop foresight along with a global economic perspective.

■  A heuristic approach that encourages proactive learning and critical thinking.