Global Perspective, Open-Minded, Positive Spirit Prospect students will

■  Develop professional skills required to conduct sociological research on both micro and macro levels;

■  Be prepared to function professionally for sociology profession at work;

■  Be cultivated to think critically and creatively using empirical approach ;

■  Develop cosmopolitan ability to understand and emphasize culture and people from different societies ;

■  Be able to lay an solid foundation of liberal arts and social sciences training to pursue advanced degrees in social sciences;

■  Grow up with the professional skills to understand human behaviors and social trends, which leads to a successful career in the future: observational, investigative, analytical, and communication skills.


Research Publications.Social Engagement and Social Praxis.Five-Year BA/MA Program.Dual Degree Program

■ The Department of Sociology was founded at 1969, one of the first sociology programs established in Taiwan. Currently, the faculty of Sociology department is the youngest team in College of Social Sciences. The departments offer BA/MA degrees in diverse design. Prospect students might acquire degrees of bachelor and master of the arts within 5 years.

■  For the undergraduate level, the department offers intensive training on academic writing skills and require every undergraduate students to complete one thesis for the Bachelor degree. Faculties of Sociology department offer one-on-one tutoring and regular thesis-writing seminar during the process of thesis writing.

■  For graduate level, the department has program on the Master of the Arts. Funding or scholarship via working as teaching/research assistant are abundant within department. M.A. students also have the option of earning a dual master's degree with our official partner, Department of Sociology at Renmin University in Beijin, China.

■  To encourage interdisciplinary and global learning, the Sociology Department offers a double major with the Department of Psychology as part of our efforts to encourage students to undertake cross-disciplinary studies. We also offer internship opportunities every year in locations throughout Southeast Asia and the world, through the International Center for the Promotion of Partner Based Learning and Catholic networks. Students are encouraged to take opportunities to apply for exchange to the universities in Japan, South Korea, the United States, and other nations