The goal of our department for years has been to create a liberal, self-responsible, and mutually loving educational environment, as well as an academic research surrounding that encourages pluralism, innovation, dialogues, and discussions.

The educational programs of our department aim at providing profound understandings of the human psychological experiences. At the undergraduate level we focus on establishing basic knowledge and practicing abilities, while at the postgraduate level we cultivate talents for research , teaching, and professional services in each specialty or specialized field.


■  Basic Ideals:Local embeddedness, diverse expansibility, respecting multiple values: emphasizing psychological research centred on local experiences of daily lives, promoting values and praxis of mutual stimulation and diverse expansibility, as well as innovative thinking and problem-solving

■  Independent learning, developing learning groups:emphasizing the independent learning of the students; enthusiastically promoting inter-subjective relationships between teachers and students; establishing liberal academic climate that can foster learning groups; catalyzing the emergence of learning via vivacious debates.

■  Humane concerns and social practices:emphasizing the humane aspects of psychological knowledge in teaching and research (for teachers) and in learning and self-development (for students ), at the same time, rethinking the relations between knowledge and human, and then establishing the conscious of self and social practices.

■  Characteristics:Teaching academically, Diverse yet Abundant

Based on the ideals above, our department focuses on the integration of theories and practices, centring on professional practices; under the ambience of respect for multiple values, every paradigm is given opportunities to learn from each other by an exchange of views; furthermore, in learning groups where teachers and students accept each other, we establish a learning culture of independent learning and liberal development.