Academic Activities

Year of 2020

■  At the end of July, we signed an academic exchange agreement and a student exchange agreement with the Nankai University School of Economics.

Year of 2019

■  On 17th June, 2019, Prof. Sheng Bin, dean of Nankai University's School of Economics, led a delegation including vice dean Prof. Jiang Dianchun, Prof. Li Lei, Prof. Guo Yuqing, and Prof. Shi Bingzhan to Fu Jen Catholic University's College of Social Sciences, where they were received by Prof. Lu Huei-chung, chair of the College of Social Sciences, Prof. Lee Ah-yee, dean of the Office of International Education, as well as Prof. Peng Cheng-hau, chair of the Department of Economics. Both parties signed an agreement on student exchange at the college level (college-level exchange students), with a draft proposal of the agreement set in place. 

Year of 2018 

  As part of our 2018 Father Laszlo Ladany Lecture Series, Professor Gerald McKenny from the University of Notre Dame (USA) gave two lectures: 

  • Disenchantment or Wonder? Religious Stances toward Nature in a Scientific Age (May 30)
  • Biotechnology as a Way of Life? Technology and Self-Formation (June 13)

■   Dean Huei-Chung Lu visited the School of Economics at Fudan University for the first time on July 2 to discuss student exchange and internship opportunities.

■    Prof. Chung Chi-nien would visit Taiwan in October, and engage in academic exchange with both teachers and students of the College of Social Sciences, as the Father Laszlo Ladany Scholar. Prof. Chung is a professor at the Department of Strategy and Policy at the National University of Singapore. Prof. Chung would hold three talks titled "Informal Network and Organizational Effectiveness", "Introduction to the Network View of Social Structure", as well as "An Alternative: from Sociology to Business School".  

Year of 2017

  Distinguished Professor Alvin C. Dueck from the Fuller Theological Seminary gave a well-received lecture on Cultural Psychology on March 16, 2017.

  As part of our 2017 Father Laszlo Ladany Lecture Series, Professor Hsuan-Chih Chen from the Department of Psychology at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) gave three lectures:

  • The Promise of Cross-Cultural Cognitive Research: A Chinese Perspective
  • Asleep Until 40: How I Stepped on the Path to Psychology
  • Myths of Bilingualism

  Nine researchers from the Shanghai Education Committee visited our program on June 9 to discuss how educational legislation impacts academic institutions and how global developments have restructured resource allocation within higher education.

■  Professor Shuji Ohira from Chiba University of Commerce is serving as a guest lecturer for the first semester of the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

■  On October 2, eight researchers from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences paid us a visit to discuss community work in mainland China and Taiwan, promote greater academic exchange, and broaden scholarly perspectives.

  We hosted nine researchers from the Shanghai Education Evaluation Institute on November 3, 2017. Topics discussed included the current state of higher education in Taiwan, evaluation and accreditation systems, and the impact that accreditation policies have had on Fu Jen Catholic University.

Year of 2016

  On April 29, our program hosted the Seventh Academic Symposium on Social Thought. The theme this year was "Religious Education and Social Culture: The Current Situation and Future Developments." Fr. Edward Chau, from Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy in Hong Kong, gave a talk on the subject of "Developing Theological Understanding After Vatican II: A Case Study of Holy Spirit Seminary College."

  In June, we signed an academic exchange agreement with the School of Education Science at Minnan Normal University.

  Associate Dean Kuei-Hsien Lu led a team of professors and students from our program to participate in a week-long series of lectures and exchange activities at Nanjing University from July 2 to 9. Then, from July 9 to 16, it was our turn to act as host to students and faculty members from sociology programs at Nanjing University, Shandong University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Shanghai University, Central China Normal University, and Peking University. Over the course of the week, we took participants to the homes of people with mental illness and substance abuse problems.

  We hosted the 2016 Fu Jen Sociology Lectures from July 20 to 25. Taiwan's most precious cultural asset is not the local food or architecture, but its people. Taiwanese culture is embodied in the way the people of Taiwan go about their daily lives. The Join the Taiwanese Community Program lasted five days, mixing lectures with hands-on experience. Three days were spent in real Taipei communities, offering visitors an up-close view of daily life for the average Taipei resident. Participants included 41 students who came from Beijing Normal University, Xiamen University, Jilin University, Liaoning University, Sichuan University, Quanzhou Normal University, and Dongbei University of Aeronautics.

■  Arranged in partnership with the Goethe-Institut of Taipei, Professor Heinz Bude gave a lecture at the Fahy Memorial Library on October 18, where he spoke of the "Society of Fear."

■  We hosted the International Conference on Social Learning and Recovery: Social Life of Persons with Disabilities from November 25 to 26. Invited speakers included Professor Yuji Moro of the College of Humanities from the University of Tsukuba, and Dan Friedman, Artistic Director of the Castillo Theater. Also in attendance were leading academics from Beijing Normal University, Jilin University, Changchun University of Technology, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan Action Research Association, and Guandu Elementary School.

  We hosted the Non-Profit Organization Forum on November 28, aiming to promote potential exchange programs and foster greater understanding between academics on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Scholars from China included Professor Bing Zheng, executive vice-president of Jilin University; Professor Han Mingyou, director of the College of Humanities at Changchun University of Technology; Professors Cui Yueqin and Zheng Nan from the School of Philosophy and Sociology at Jilin University; and Professor Zhu Xingtao from the Faculty of Marxism at Dongbei Normal University.

■  In March, we set up a student exchange mechanism with the School of Sociology and Population Studies at Renmin University of China.

  In August, we signed an Academic Exchange Agreement and Student Exchange Agreement with the University of Perugia in Italy.

Year of 2015

  On April 30, the School of Social Science held the conference "The Agenda for the Social Thought Conference: reflections on the social sciences in a historical context", which was a preparatory conference to The 6th social thought/ 1th international conference of applied psychology for Chinese societies), held later on May 1-3, with the theme "Reflection and Practice on the Epistemologies of Humanities and the Social Sciences". In total, there were 95 prominent scholars invited for the event (3 from UAS, 2 UK, 1 NZ and 89 PRC).。

■  On July 5, under the leadership of Dr. Hsia, Lin-Ching (Dean of School of Social Science), Professors Lu, Kuei-Hsien, Ho, Tung-hung and Wu, Chung-Shen participated in the 2nd "Cross-Strait Summer Workshop of Sociology: Societies and Individuals in the Time of Great Transitions", in Nanjine University.

On July 31, Shanghai's educational and youth protection authorities visited Fu Jen Catholic University for possibilities of future cooperation. The team consisted of more than ten organizations, and was led by Zhu, Jian Shuai, Director of the Division for Youth Protection, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

  On September 8-9, under the leadship of Dr. Hsia, Lin-Ching (Dean of School of Social Science), Lu, Kuei-Hsien (Deputy Dean), Lu, Kuei-Hsien (Associate Professor), Kung,Lorna (PhD student), Lu,Chang-Hsien (PhD Student), Zeng, Su-Jhu (Secretary) and Lu, Zone-Rong (TA) visited Fu Jen alumni Gu, Xue Rong (Economy), Tian, Chun Run (Sociology) and Maio, Jun Xiu (Sociology), about their experiences in the period of the land reform between 1950-2. On September 12, they also held the forum "The Historical Senses of the Social Science Workers", in the Conference Hall of the former Catholic University of Peking Peking City, located at Ding Fu Jie , Xicheng District, Peking City.

■   On October 6-8, the School held the 6th Academic Exchange Conference of Renmin University of China and Fu Jen Catholic University, entitle "Knowledge Blending of Inter-disciplinal Social Sciences: Dialogues between Renmin University and Fu Jen Catholic University". There were 11 scholars from the Renmin University invited for this major academic event.

  On December 4-5, which was the 90th anniversary of Fu Jen, the School invited Fu Jen alumni Zhang, Hou Can (Psychology) and Gu, Xue Rong (Economy) from Beijing to visit Taiwan and attained the event, participating in three "Veterans and Young Turks: Fu Jen Cross-Generational Conversations" forums.

■   On December 22-24, Dr. Hsia, Lin-Ching (Dean of School of Social Science) visited Luo Bin and Xie Guixia, Deputy Deans of Zhuhai Campus and of School of international studies, of Sun Yat-sen University, to memorize Fr. Ross Daniel for his decades' devotement to the Sun Yat-sen University, and to seek the possibilities of furtur cooperation between the two Universities.

  On December 25-28, under the invitation of Minnan Normal University, Dr. Hsia, Lin-Ching (Dean of School of Social Science) visited the University to help it establish its "Center for Action Research: Promoting Research and Practices in the Action Teachings of the Countryside", with three rounds' lectures for the Fall semester accomplished. Under her leadership, there were 14 students from the Psychology Department participated in the classes.

Year of 2014

■  College of Social Science 5th seminar on "Cross-Strait Chinese Altruism and Charity Activities" was held on 25-April by inviting six scholars from Jiling University and Harbin Institute of Technology to publish their academic articles and to have communications.

Year of 2013

■  The dean and chairs of departments had academic exchanging seminars in Jiling University, and visited Harbin Institute of Technology.

Year of 2012

  Joint Dual Degree-The School of Sociology and Population Study of Renmin University of China

  • Signed the agreement for joint dual degree in August, 2012.
  • At the second semester of 2012, the first exchange student form Renmin University of China, started coming studying joint dual degree in Department of Psychology. This is the beginning for the campus and China University.
  • On 19-22th September, 2012, teacher exchange seminars were help at Renmin University of China. At this time, students presentations for both two universities were added.